Our Services


Mondo Landscapes offers a variety of landscape design services.  Designing with purpose and meaning providing the best design solution for your space.  Each design is unique, specific to site, environment and the architecture of the home. We offer a personalized service focused on outdoor living, making home your ultimate destination.

For us it is all about lifestyle. Our goal is to help you enjoy your space in the way you have always dreamed.


Consultation is the key to unlocking a successful landscape design and as such, Mondo Landscapes has a variety of consultation services to suit any scale of project.

Through the entire consultation, a comprehensive information gathering process, we encourage open communication, discussing design styles, materials and finishes, site conditions and budgets. We invite you to share any images you have saved as part of this consultation. In order to get to know you a bit better we need an insight into how you wish to live in your outdoor room.

A copy of your site plan, floor plan and elevations is mandatory and is frequently referred to during the Consultation. If you do not have a copy of these please approach your Local Council, or feel free to discuss this with us.

Following the Consultation, a Design Fee Proposal and Design Intent will be produced for your review.

In most cases the initial consultation is undertaken on site. For clients currently living in the country, interstate or overseas we can arrange a consultation via Skype.  Consultation fees will vary depending on your requirements and location, so please contact us for more information.


The concept plan brings the design brief to life. Its aim is to give a clear visual image and feel for what the garden will become.

As we take you on a journey through your concept design we provide a clear representation of the proposed garden layout, it includes information and images, including primary design elements, products and proposed planting schemes.

The concept plan is presented as a pencil 1:100 scaled drawing.  To commence we require site plans, house floor plans and elevations. Depending on the complexities of the site, a detailed site survey may be requested.

  • Planting Palette
    Plants are selected in line with your design brief, the architecture of your home, lifestyle and site conditions. Images of the proposed selections are shown and discussed with  the reasons they are included for your garden.
  • Hardscape Materials Palette
    Samples and/or images of the proposed hardscape elements will be on hand, along with images of similar structural finishes to help you visualise the finished product.
  • The presentation of the Concept Design in Mondo Landscapes’ studio
    We ask you to allow 2-3 hours for this meeting, where we will welcome feedback and address any questions you have. If necessary, we will refine your design based on your evaluation and present to you an amended concept.

Please note, one concept meeting is included in your Design Fee Proposal. A progress payment is required at this time.

Design Plan

Once you have approved the Concept Design we will produce a Landscape Design Plan as a CAD drawing.

The Landscape Design Plan offers essential information pertaining to the finer details of the design, which will not have been included in the Concept Design.

You will receive a Landscape Design Plan and a PDF version of your design. These plans include:-

  •  A detailed Landscape Design Plan in colour scaled 1:100
  •  Planting schedule – including the botanical names, quantities and locations
  • Hardscape schedule – specifications for all materials
  • Relevant elevations
  • DWG – POA

A final meeting in our studio will be scheduled for the handover of plans. Final balance of payment is required at handover before final plans can be released.


To implement our designs, we work closely with a small, select range of trusted landscape contractors ensuring the highest levels of construction and timely completion of your project.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our design only service. We have many clients who are skilled DIYers and Owner Builders who choose this option.

At any stage during the construction of your project Mondo Landscapes can provide further telephone and on-site consultancy. Fees for this service will be discussed at the Landscape Design Stage.

Planting plan

Mondo Landscapes also offers planting plans for clients interested in the aesthetic improvement of their plants and gardens. A professional planting plan indicates the botanical plant species, quantities and planting location of new plants and reflect any existing plants/trees to be retained.

A planting plan can fall into two categories:

  1. A new home where the architect or builder has clearly defined all garden beds, or,
  2. An existing garden where no re-design or product selection is required

In order for us to create an accurate and detailed planting plan, we will require a site plan at a scale of 1:100, showing garden beds and existing plants you wish to retain.

Mondo Landscapes’ team are qualified horticulturists and are accredited in Water Wise Principles in Landscape Design.

3D Visualisation

A 3D visualisation of your landscape design is available as an additional service. This will enable you to see the end result before work even begins.